Allison Stewart

Allison Stewart

Senior Vice President and Managing Director for Cybersecurity

Allison Stewart is a Senior Vice President and Managing Director for Cybersecurity at GSIS. Allison has significant experience tackling complex cyber problems through work at senior levels in multiple large organizations, and she excels at simplifying wicked problems and implementing practical solutions.

Serving over 26 years in the United States Army, Allison culminated her career as the Principal Deputy Director then Acting Director of Capability Development for United States Cyber Command. In that role, she orchestrated and supervised a highly matrixed organization of over 300 network engineers, system engineers, data scientists, cybersecurity officers, contracting officers, and information technology specialists and oversaw a $290 million budget. Her diverse responsibilities included guiding capability procurement, capability development, analytics, network and system architecture, risk management, network operations, industry outreach, and data management.

Allison’s career was notable for the variety and influence of her responsibilities. She originated and coordinated the plan to reduce the size of the Army officer corps by a congressionally mandated 25% over an unprecedented short timeframe of 4 years. She was at the forefront of the effort to transform the Army’s response to and treatment of sexual assault incidents. She engineered a radical process to evaluate the background of individuals providing care to abused military members. She directly supported the Army’s senior leaders by developing strategy, establishing initiatives, driving research efforts, and shaping policy and organizational change across the Army. In that capacity, she designed and implemented a process for tracking the health and welfare of the Army’s general officers, who serve in critically important executive roles.

In addition to a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Allison holds a Master of Science in Operations Research and Management Science from George Mason University and a Master of Science in National Security and Resource Strategy from National Defense University. Her career included two deployments to Afghanistan and one to Iraq. During the latter, she implemented the first combat incident database which became the primary data source used throughout the Defense Department for the entirety of the Iraq war.

Allison is most proud of being a single mom to two beautiful young daughters, Alexandra and Alicia.