“On a recent trip to Germany, David Aguilar sat down with Guy Johnson and Hans Nichols from Bloomberg TV’s “On the Move” to discuss Europe’s migrant crisis. Using lessons from his time as Former Customs and Border Patrol Commissioner, David advised on threats and potential solutions for Germany, and Europe as a whole, when addressing the issue of mass migration.

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Focusing heavily on the need for a unified and collective response from all affected nations, David suggests that Europe must expand its view of its borders. Emphasizing the importance of the Greece-Macedonia border and the efforts being taken there, David added “…frankly, at that point, when you start your deterrence efforts it’s a little too late”. He suggests segmentation should start at the Turkey-Syria border to prevent massive flows and blockage in Europe.

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David was joined in Germany by fellow GSIS Principal Noah Kroloff. The two spent the rest of their time speaking to high ranking officials and journalists on ways to address security and manage migrant flows as this crisis continues to grow.

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