Cyber Security

Offering Cyber Security Assessment, Review and Strategy Implementation

The complexity of cybersecurity, along with the operational investment necessary to secure the data, communications, and intellectual property of small to mid-sized companies can be daunting. The modern business climate is inextricably intertwined with the internet which creates risk that is difficult for the average company to conceive and defend against, and while society has always faced evil intent, the internet permits those dangerous persons to roam unchecked in near total anonymity. This problem is compounded by the fact that most institutions have become holders of large data sets that contain industry regulated data belonging to clients, customers, business partners, and employees.

The most alarming fact pertaining to the cybersecurity risk facing today’s business community is that “cybersecurity actors” can be actors of a foreign government or sophisticated criminal organizations. This translates to oft-sophisticated and well-planned cyber-attacks that might involve complex SQL injection or cross-site scripting attacks. Worse yet, many of the more sophisticated criminal organizations have abandoned the challenging task of extracting data from their victims, choosing instead to follow the more traditional and infinitely more simple goal of extortion for profit. In the cyber world, this is commonly referred to as a Ransomware attack, and it is designed to lock down systems that are critical to business operations until a ransom is paid, through shadowy crypto-currency channels that make it nearly impossible to pursue or identify the actor or to recover the ransom.