Intellectual Property Protection

Securing Intellectual Property and Investigating IPR Theft

GSIS was engaged by an international energy company to conduct an intellectual property theft investigation in multiple locations around the world. The broad scope of operation required our team of investigators with the language skills and technical know how to follow unique lines of inquiry wherever the developing case required. The investigation also required coordination and production of reports and findings for an international legal team involved in judicial proceedings in several countries.

In managing the documentary evidence, GSIS employed its state-of-the art eDiscovery and data analytics tool. Our research specialists developed profiles and key leads on individuals and business organizations involved in the movement and deployment of the misappropriated technology. Significant and timely evidence was produced from these efforts as the case developed over more than one year.

GSIS managed the investigation, encompassing operations on three continents, with superior communication and operational precision meeting the clients’ needs and purposes on time and on target.