Security & Investigative Services

GSIS provides a wide range of services including conducting high impact investigations and securing borders, supply chains, and critical infrastructure to cyber-security, SAFETY Act attainment and end-to-end security assessments, design and implementation. The GSIS approach to security recognizes that one size does not fit all. We use innovative management techniques to leverage opportunities, mitigate risk and manage consequences when they arise.

Asset and Infrastructure Protection

Personal Protection

Customs Operations and Administration

Supply Chain & Cargo Security

Security, Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

Investigations and Due Diligence

Security Training

Immigration Compliance

Workplace and School Safety

Risk Management

Rule of Law and Jurisprudence

Technological Countermeasures

Government Affairs & Advocacy

Today’s political environment is unpredictable. Effective outreach requires both direct and indirect strategies, bold thinking and innovative solutions. GSIS provides a unique model of engagement and government advocacy that ensures success for our clients. Our comprehensive approach to addressing client requirements and priorities includes the following services:

Congressional Relations and Advocacy

Federal Agency Engagement

Funding and Grant Capture

Strategic Planning

Coalition Management

State and Local Partnerships

Business Advisory

GSIS principals have spent their careers working with key government and corporate leaders in the US and across the globe. Our broad network provides unique access to international and domestic markets. We offer clients services to enhance business operations, including market entrance, crisis management, continuity planning and implementation, data solutions, due diligence and business intelligence.

Financial, Insider Risk and Intellectual Property Investigations

Open Source Analysis and Competitive Research

Crisis and Consequence Management

Business Continuity and Resilience

Risk Management

New Market Entrance and Penetration

Investment Facilitation

Due Diligence